Tabea Andres
46°56'55.0"N 7°27'46.9"E

During a period, lasting from April to June 2020, I used a variety of webcams as sources for searching an enormous amount of images. The scenes, were extracted from the live streams as still images. The images were arranged to series, combinations and singles, in a way that enables them to tell a story. In my work, I mix the visual materials of neutral recordings with ones including intuitive interventions, thus creating a personal impression of a crisis. The result is a world of images between familiar banality and a diffuse threat embedded in the calming frame of a book.

BA Visuelle Kommunikation

Kunstgattung: Design
Medium: Publikation
Materialität: Digitaldruck
Masse: 185 × 260 mm

Mentorat Praxis:
Linus Bill
Mentorat Theorie:
Peter Glassen


BA Visuelle Kommunikation