Tamara Aepli

«offscreen» aims to address pictures of social groups that have little say about their representation in public. The study of identities shown in media communications, such as journalism, charity advertisements and travel reports, revealed discriminatory narratives. The critique led to the question of how an ethical design process can change the narratives of communication design to reflect different realities better?

«offscreen» is a non-profit association that carries out participatory photography projects and increases its expertise in intercultural visual and ethical storytelling. Besides, a business is being developed, which fills the gap in the market to offer participatory methods and ethical design. The services are aimed at organisations, companies and fundraising agencies. With both interventions, offscreen fosters intercultural dialogue and builds visual literacy skills. It combines design, visual art and photography with social projects.

MA Design

Kunstgattung: Design Entrepreneurship
Medium: Publikation
Ort: Zürich

Mentorat Praxis:
Vera Sacchetti
Mentorat Theorie:
Ulrike Felsing
Weitere Beteiligte:
Susanne Keller



MA Design