Ivan Al-Azam
Touqan, Language, Academic Skills and Digital Tools for Newcomers

Touqan is a further education preparation programme that focuses on language development for higher education and further study specifically designed for refugees and Newcomers and prepares students for the challenges of further education and academic success. Touqan meets these needs by providing the necessary language, academic skills as well as the digital tools and skills they need to reach their educational goals. Those wishing to pursue vocational training and an apprenticeship stop at the end of the B2 and take an official German language exam and those who want to continue to higher education must take an official German C1 language exam because it is an admission requirement.

MA Design

Kunstgattung: Design Entrepreneurship
Medium: Publikation
Ort: Bern

Mentorat Praxis:
Hassan Fawaz


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Ivan Al-Azm – Touqan

MA Design