Laurène Hayoz

The essence of my project sounds paradoxical: movement in immobility. However, the medium of drawing is capable of visualizing this apparent contradiction. On walks in the woods, I approached nature in terms of rhythm and dynamism. I documented my observations as texts and sketches, which I later processed in drawings of various formats. Each one of them is a translation. Trees and leaves take the form of patterns, simple lines or structures, abstracted and reduced to their dynamic qualities. I extracted the drawings from their respective sheet of paper and combined them in a new arrangement. The final product is an animation in which the camera seamlessly passes from a drawing to another and takes the viewer on a short walk through a forest of lines and points.

BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design

Kunstgattung: Kunst
Medium: Drawing, Animation, Sound
Materialität: Bleistift, Tusche, Kreide, Pastels
Masse: HD 16:9

Mentorat Praxis:
Karoline Schreiber
Mentorat Theorie:
Esther Maria Jungo


Theoretische Thesis

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BA Vermittlung in Kunst und Design